Thursday, March 8, 2007

Two New Podcasts Available: Ron Sherman, Sharon Kline from The Reading Hospital & Medical Center; Terrence Malloy, Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine

My guests on the Let’s Talk Sleep with Theresa Shumard Program this week are Sharon Kline, RRT, RPSGT and Ron Sherman, RRT (pictured above) from The Reading Hospital & Medical Center Sleep Center (TRHMC) located in Berks County in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Mr. Sherman is the Director of Respiratory Care and Ms. Kline is the Neurodiagnostic Coordinator for the sleep center. The sleep center, which has recently undergone a major expansion, is involved in a wonderful community educational outreach event that helps mark the National Sleep Foundation National Sleep Awareness season. The Sleep Awareness Day, in its 7th year in Berks County, and sponsored by TRHMC, will be held March 15, 2007 at The Inn at Reading.

The institution from which these guests hail has more than special meaning to me. You see, this is the very sleep lab where I began working in the field of sleep (dare I say) more than two decades ago. It was nice to visit with old friends and catch up with all that TRHMC has to offer the community I call home – especially its commitment to good sleep!

My other distinguished guest this week is Terrence Malloy, RPSGT, from the Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine & Technology in Atlanta, Georgia, gave a very interesting interview regarding the misrepresentation of sleep disorders and treatments as portrayed by the entertainment industry. We’ve all seen movies or television programs that really miss the mark where sleep is concerned. Maybe sleep professionals should offer their expertise to a few facilities in Hollywood!

You can hear both podcasts (at no charge) on iTunes or on Sleepmate Radio’s Let's Talk Sleep Web site.
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