Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"We are first-time parents and are concerned about the amount of sleep our newborn child should get."

We have a new grandchild and his parents sought the advice of Jodi Mindell, PhD. on the National Sleep Foudation Web site. Dr. Mindell gives some very good information you can pass along to parents.

Dr. Mindell writes, "When babies first come home from the hospital, they usually sleep 14-18 hours a day. That sounds like a lot of time but it isn't, because the sleep of newborns isn't consolidated.."
You can read a read a review by Lynne Lamberg on Dr. Mindell's book, "Sleeping Through the Night" on the Sleephomepages site where Ms. Lamberg reviews numerous sleep-related books in her regular column Books for Sleepless Nights. The book has been revised since the review was written, but is timeless- a great addition to any sleep center library.
Pictured is my pride and joy, new grandson Owen Robert Lewis, born 2-17-07. I'm only slightly proud!
Be well, Sleep well,

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