Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Great American Sleep Challenge Gearing Up!

Does having more energy, feeling refreshed and zipping through the day with a rejuvenated spirit sound intriguing or, maybe even impossible? It could be easier to achieve than you think.
One solution may be to get a better night’s sleep! An astonishing 70 million Americans experience sleep problems that impact relationships, health, productivity at work and even driving skills. In order to combat this growing epidemic, the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) will launch the NSF Great American Sleep Challenge TM, a nationwide, online interactive campaign designed to focus America’s attention on getting better sleep.

Beginning February 5 through March 31, 2007, Americans who want to achieve better sleep and improve their overall well-being are encouraged to log on to sign up. It is easy to participate; all of the tools, which include a questionnaire to set desired sleep goals and a one week, online sleep journal, are presented in consumer-friendly language. Once they have completed their Sleep Challenge, participants will have the ability to assess their sleep needs and be one step closer to feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to go. And, by participating in the Sleep Challenge, all entrants qualify to win “dreamy” sleep-related prizes.

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Karen Allen said...

Hey Theresa! This is the perfect opportunity for me to invite one of our popular radio or television personalities to accept the challenge and even come in for a sleep study. I've got a call in to our Marketing department now to get this launched!
Karen Allen in Billings, MT.